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Woods & Poole Economics®

Woods & Poole Economics is an experienced, small, independent firm that specializes in long-term county economic data and demographic data projections. Woods & Poole’s database for all U.S. counties contains projections for every year through 2060 for more than 900 variables. Each year Woods & Poole updates the projections with new historical data. The data and projections are provided in spreadsheet files by Download.  Woods & Poole has been making county projections since 1983. Users of Woods & Poole data include public utilities, state and local government, consultants, retailers, market research firms and planners.

2024 Release is Now Available!  The new 2024 Woods & Poole database has been released. Economic and demographic data and forecasts to 2060 for U.S. counties and Metro Areas are now available.  Historical data in the 2024 Woods & Poole database include updated employment, income, and earnings data through 2022.  Please see the Our Databases tab on the Home Page for Woods & Poole data products.

Data for Your County or CBSA

Complete Woods & Poole data for a particular county, state, or CBSA (MSA, CSA, Micropolitan Statistical Area, and Metropolitan Division.) Annual historical economic and demographic data from 1970 and projections to 2060.

Data for All Counties and CBSAs in Your State

Data for all counties and CBSAs in a particular state. Some states are combined. U.S., region and stat totals are included. Annual historical economic and demographic data from 1970 and projections to 2060.

Data for All U.S. Counties and CBSAs

Data for all counties, CBSAs (MSAs, CSAs, Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Metropolitan Divisions), states, and regions in the U.S. Comprehensive annual historical economic and demographic data from 1970 and projections to 2060.

Map Our Data

Use our interactive mapping web tool to explore Woods & Poole data in cartographic form.  County forecasts to 2060 for population, employment and income can be shown on the interactive map.  Select years from 1970 to 2060 to see historical and projected trends

Interactive Map Tool

Find Geographic Definitions

Use our metro area look up tool to find which counties make up any CBSA.  You can also use the tool to find out all the CBSAs of which a county is a part.  Look up CBSAs or counties by name or by FIPS code!

Metro Area Look Up Tool

View Our Data

Use our interactive summary data look up tool to find population, employment and income data for the U.S., any state, CBSA, or county.  Look up the data by geographic area name or FIPS code.  The data are also presented in line graphs to show trends from 1970 to 2020.

Data Look Up Tool