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Interactive Map

Interactive Map

We hope you enjoy exploring Woods & Poole data in cartographic form!  The sample population, employment, and income data shown below are just three of the almost two thousand data variables available from Woods & Poole.  These data maps show how Woods & Poole data could be used and how comprehensive the data are.  Please look at Woods & Poole databases to see the detailed data available.

Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

Data Note:  Historical employment, income, and population data, 1969-2021 are based on U.S. Dept. of Commerce historical data estimates.  All data, 2022-2060, are projected by Woods & Poole Economics.  Residential population as of July 1 in every year.  Employment in number of jobs includes proprietors and part-time jobs.  Total personal income is earnings by place of work plus dividends, interest income, rental income, personal current transfer receipts, and a residence adjustment less contributions for government social insurance.  Please read Technical Description of the 2023 Regional Projections and Database, available from Woods & Poole, for an explanation of data sources, data definitions, and projection methods.  Copyright 2023 Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

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