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Woods & Poole's database contains more than 900 economic and demographic variables for every state, region, county, and Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area in the U.S. for every year from 1970 to 2040. This comprehensive database is updated annually and includes detailed population data by age, sex, and race; employment and earnings by major industry; personal income by source of income; retail sales by kind of business; and data on the number of households, their size, and their income. All of these variables are projected for each year through 2040.

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Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. is an experienced independent firm that specializes in long-term county economic and demographic projections. Woods & Poole's database for every county in the U.S. contains projections through 2040 for more than 900 variables. Each year Woods & Poole updates the projections with new historical data. The data and projections are sold in spreadsheet files on DVD and CD-ROM as well as in printed books. Woods & Poole has been making county projections since 1983. Users of Woods & Poole data include public utilities, state and local government, consultants, retailers, market research firms and planners.

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