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Data Exploration at Woods & Poole

Data Exploration at Woods & Poole

November 7, 2019

On the Home Page there are new Data Exploration tools to allow you to visualize and explore the vast Woods & Poole demographic and economic databases.

There are new web tools at the bottom of the page that enable you to find the names and FIPS codes of counties making up any metropolitan area in the U.S. and also see data charts for a particular county or metro area.

Type in the name or FIPS code of a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Combined Statistical Area (CSA), Micropolitan Statistical Area (MICRO), or Metropolitan Division (MDIV) and a list of all the counties in the MSA, CSA, MDIV or MICRO will appear in a drop-down screen.  If you type in any part of the name of a metropolitan area the full name will appear in a selectable drop down.

You can also enter a county name or FIPS code and see a list of all the metropolitan areas (MSA, CSA, MDIV and MICRO), if any, of which the county is a part.

The Data Lookup Tool works the same way and allows you to see population, employment, and income data for a particular county or for all counties in a particular MSA, CSA, MDIV or MICRO.  Explore the data!

The Interactive Map Tool allows you to visualize data for all U.S. states and all U.S. counties through 2050.  Explore even more of the data!

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